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Касета Арагон Макс -10SL

29 €

The Aragon Max cartridge is designed for hard water and comprehensive purification, targeting harmful impurities and heavy metals such as lead, copper, cadmium, iron, manganese, and others. It ensures maximum longevity and efficiency in removing hardness salts, thanks to the ANTI-SCALE effect. The silver, in a safe form, inhibits bacterial growth.

The cartridge has a working lifespan of up to 12 months and does not require regeneration. Its effectiveness depends on the initial water quality.

It is intended for use only as part of the Geyser Max system. To achieve optimal results, follow this specific cartridge sequence:

  1. First stage: Composite cartridge AQUASOFT.

  2. Second stage: Cartridge ARAGON MAX.

Please note that using alternative combinations may not guarantee the same effectiveness


Условия на работа:

Температура на водата: за студена вода.


Изисквания към качеството на началната вода:

Тип на водата: твърда, много твърда 


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